Regular Cleaning Guide

Clean as a whistle cleaning offers cleaning services in Cardiff and throughout the surrounding areas. We offer cleaning services in regular, deep clean, end-of-tenancy and commercial cleaning.  We always make sure we do a thorough job and like to do what we can to help educate people on the best ways to keeping your house tidy. In this blog post we’re going to be focusing on all the areas that need to be covered on a regular on-going basis. Future blog posts will cover areas such as moving out cleans, how to keep your office tidy and how to tackle a deep clean.

  1. Making A List

Making a list of all the rooms in the house that need to be cleaned along with all the appliances that need cleaning will help you keep track of all the areas that you need to clean, and ensure that no area is neglected. Create a word document, with a table featuring every room and appliance with a tick box next to it, which you can complete every week or fortnight.

  1. Cleaning The Living Rooms/Lounges

Cleaning living rooms and lounges may seem like a simple quick hoover, but it’s important to cover all areas or else you’ll find that dust and dirt begins to accumulate in certain areas. Firstly you’ll need to ensure there is no clutter blocking any areas from being cleaned, for regular cleans it isn’t necessary to move large furniture but it’s always a good idea to make sure any unnecessary items are out of the way. Secondly you’ll need to hoover your living room and depending on the surface of your floor you may require a dry mop. Next you’ll want to clean your windows with a microfiber cloth and some window cleaning spray. Then you’ll want to start dusting, begin by dusting any blinds and then start dusting all the surfaces and finish by polishing your surfaces.

  1. Bathrooms

Before you do anything ensure that windows are open and that there is adequate ventilation as inhaling cleaning equipment can be very dangerous. The first thing you’ll want to clean in your bathroom is your shower or bath, firstly remove any hair from the drain, apply a drain cleaner and rinse with hot water. After emptying your shower of any bottles it’s time to rinse the shower walls with water and then start applying your shower cleaning product with the spray bottle and a sponge before rinsing off the cleaning product with water. You’ll then want to clean any mirrors with a microfiber cloth and a window cleaner spray. Then clean the outer and inner base of the toilet with a sponge and some bleach before wiping down the skirting boards with a sponge and some bathroom cleaner. Finally before you leave the bathroom you’ll want to mop the floor and leave the room.

  1. Bedrooms

When working on a bedroom it is again important that any clutter is moved out the way before you start cleaning such as dirty clothes. Then you’ll want to clean it essentially the same way you cleaned the living room by dusting and polishing all surfaces, cleaning inside of windows, cleaning blinds, wiping down skirting boards and hoovering the floor.

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is the area of the house where the most amount of cleaning work is required. Firstly you’ll need to wipe down outer kitchen doors, then move onto wiping down the worktop surfaces with a sponge and kitchen cleaner. Next you’ll want to clean the inside of your windows, along with cleaning the oven hobs and hoods again with a sponge and kitchen cleaner. Then you’ll want to wipe down all of your worktop appliances, wipe down skirting boards and remove any cobwebs. Finally you’ll want to hoover and mop the floor before finishing.

  1. Stairs & Hallway

The stairs and hallway/landing areas are fairly straight forward to clean simply hoover all areas you may need take off the main hoovering stick in order to reach the corners of each step of the stairs as well.

And that’s it you’ve successfully conducted a basic general clean of your house, congratulations! If you ever feel you need any regular cleaning in the Cardiff area and would prefer some professionals to come out and do it please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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